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24-7 Ibiza – Part 3 – Is going clubbing, like going to church?

So… for all those skeptics out there, I did manage to survive and indeed throughly enjoy 2 hours in Eden, one of Ibiza’s oldest clubs, last night… absolutely awesome.

It part of the pattern of the week that the 24-7 team go to a club at least once a week. For us that meant finishing up on the streets at around 4am and heading to a club until 6am.

So why did we do it?

Well… it’s about worship, it’s about relationship, it’s about presence. We can go to the club and have a good laugh and a great time without the influence of any ‘outside’ agent.

OK… there might be a lot going on in there that isn’t so good… but God is in that place… if Jesus were physically here now… where would he go? To the clubs… I have no doubt. We are to be Jesus… his hands and his feet… so secure in our relationship with him… we go to the clubs.

I had a vision in that club last night…. I looked up, I looked around… and it felt like being in a church… there was a pulpit… where the DJs and VJs led proceedings from… there was a gallery up stairs… there were big screens projecting images… there was the music and people with there hands in the air…. they were worshipping. They might not have been worshipping the Jesus I worship… but they knew how to worship…. now we need to help them understand who to really worship…. and how will they know if no one comes alongside them, shows them the love of God… and tells them the story of a saviour.


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  1. can you truly justify going to clubs by using the old Jesus would have gone there line? Would he really Jesus hung out in homes with sinners but not in their brothels…

    Comment by concerned | August 11, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi ‘concerned’ thank you for your comment. I am happy to approve your contribution on this occasion cos I believe in genuine discussion, however, perhaps you would be good enough to sign with your proper name next time.

      Comment by revmac | August 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Nonsense… This is like that old pathetic thinking that says something like if you break the speed limit Jesus gets out of the car, or if you go to the pub don’t expect Jesus to go there with you!! Not quite in line with such Bibles verses as “I will never leave you or forsake you.” – quote from Brian Heasley

      Comment by michelle | August 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey John,

    I really agree with your comment about people knowing how to worship and think that you have hit the nail on the head about needing to get alongside them and help them to understand who to really worship. This fact really struck me a couple of years ago at a Coldplay concert when at one point in the song hands went up into the air all over the Odyssey – it was strange but it shows our in built ability to worship.

    Praying for the team as you continue to work.

    Comment by Ciara Boucher | August 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Interesting. It’s like the videos of U2 concerts where people seem in a state of euphoria.

    Comment by paul | August 12, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] Last night we went to Pacha, one of the most famous and popular clubs in the world. It was a totally immense experience! Now there is no doubt there is a variety of opinions within the Christian family about whether or not you should go to clubs. My first experience of a big club in Ibiza was two years ago, see my previous post… here […]

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