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24-7 Ibiza – Part 9 – Prostitutes and Prayer

One of the big challenges being faced by the 24-7 team out here is how to relate to the many prostitutes working on the streets of San An. Many of these girls are heavily in debt, being forced to ‘work’ to pay off what they owe. The guys working from the centre have built up a relationship with the girls over the last few seasons, befriended them and prayed with them. Some of them come along to the church service held in the centre on a Sunday night.

It’s difficult to work out how you balance the feelings of wanting to befriend and support them and at the same time having to watch them touting for business on a nightly basis, even pursuing drunk potential clients. A couple of nights ago Leanne and I were out and we saw two of the girls had two clients in tow and were heading to an alleyway. All we could do is pray that the two guys would change there minds and walk away….. and as we finished praying…. that is exactly what happened… literally 20 secs after we started praying… the two guys walked out in the opposite direction.

Another two of our team had the same experience that night and last night another couple of the team saw the same immediate answer to prayer.

It was fabulous to see these really immediate answers to prayer. We are only too aware that for every good story like this there are countless encounters that happen that we don’t see and can’t stop. It is a drop in the ocean.. but at least it is a drop!

Please pray for the team out here as they continue to work out how to relate to the prostitutes…. pray for alternative work for the girls… pray that they will be safe.


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