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24-7 Ibiza Part 10 – It’s not rocket science… one last thought from San An

Ok…. so today is our last day. The bags are packed and ready to go. We are going to debrief with Brian and Tracy, then we have some free time before a team meal and our flight to London. I’m gonna put more stories up from the team over the next few weeks, but this is going to be the last blog from Ibiza.

There’s no doubt about it… it’s been a great experience to be here and to in some way be part of what God is doing through 24-7 Ibiza. We all have lots of great stories and they will be told and retold on many occasions over the next few weeks…. but I think the biggest challenge I will take away from this is…. ‘It’s not rocket science… but it does involve sacrifice.’ The model is quite simple really… to worship and pray both on the streets and in the centre. It’s been 10 years on the go, Brian and Tracy have been here with their family 5 years…. relationships have been built, walls have been broken down.. God has been moving in the small things and in the big things.

There are lots of things we have learnt as a team, but it has just been a privilege to be here and to be a part of what God is doing in this place amongst people that he loves.


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