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24-7 Ibiza – Part 4 – Holy Discontent

At first I wasn’t sure why I was a bit upset, even cross. Poppy and I found a guy lying on the ground, totally stoned out of his head from whatever tab he had taken. We wanted to make sure he was ok and that he didn’t get robbed. I quickly spotted his Northern Ireland accent, and he told me his first name and where he was from. Sadly he wasn’t too up for us helping him, in fact he was quite rude and maybe even a little abusive. We got him up off the ground and offered to get him back to his hotel… but he wasn’t really interested, he just swore a lot. We let him walk off towards where he said his hotel was and we let him go, we headed up a different street but at one of the cross over streets we could see him lying down again in the other street and we went to see if we could get him up… same reaction.. and we just had to let him wander off. There was something about this encounter that got under my skin… I suppose he was socially and educationally from the same background as me… he was a type of young northern Irish guy I know.. thought he knew it all, maybe even a bit arrogant… and the influence of whatever he took didn’t help. Later when we were back in the prayer room we prayed for him… and it really got to me… we have been singing this song ‘hosanna’ this week that has the line directed to God as a prayer: ‘break my heart for what breaks yours’, and I truly had the sense that God’s heart was breaking for this guy… just so far away.

Next morning Leanne led our team devotions and she read from Bill Hybels book “Holy Discontent”. I think his words really summed up my feelings:

“If you expose yourself to all that´s broken in our world but neglect to view the brokenness from heaven´s perspective (which promises that everything is in the process of being restored), then you´ll get into an impossible, downward spiral of aggravation and anger….. Once that frustation and anger is understood as being your holy discontent, though – your spiritual connection to the God who´s working to fix everything – it´s as if an enourmous wave of positive energy gets released inside you…. this energy causes you to act on the dissatisfaction that´s been brewing deep within your soul and compels you to say yes to joining forces with God so that the darkness and depravity around you gets pushed back…. your perspective shifts from that which your eyes can see to that which God tells you is true. And it is in this reality that what is enslaved can still be set free, what is broken can still be mended, what is diseased can still be restored, what is hated can still be loved, what is dirty can still be made clean, and what is wrong can still be made right.”

We have also been praying a lot for the “prodigals” this week. The story in Luke 15 of the prodigal son and grace filled Father has been really on our minds. Here are a couple of stories about encounters the team have had on the streets that have resonated with this:

Here is one of Ben´s stories:

“So Jud and I were walking down by the town beach when she spotted a couple of guys sitting on a bench, one of whom was looking a bit worse for wear. We walked over to him and asked him if he needed help with anything while his mate was chatting to some spanish guys about football. He said he had drunk a few too many and would quite like to go back to his hotel to sleep. Normally we do not separate friends on a night out but he was quite emphatic that he did not want to go to Cream and his mate was very keen to go on as they had forked out 45 quid each for their tickets. After a bit of chat his mate went on to the club and he asked us if we could give him a hand getting back to his hotel which was only 10 minutes away. So he put an arm round each of our shoulders and we started to walk down the beach boulevard. He was from Norfolk and we just had the usual chat to begin with about jobs and what stuff he’s into but he wouldn’t tell us what he did for a living so we played the guessing game. Straight away Jud said ‘policeman’ and he said no so we carried on guessing for a while. Then we asked what age he was and he asked us to guess so I said ’33?’. With a degree of surprise in his voice he asked us if we had stolen his id card or something as it turns out that he is in fact a 33 year old policeman! I don’t know if it was a spot of cold reading on our part or if God spoke something about his life there, I like to think it was God. Whatever happened he completely opened up to us in an attitude of shame and apology for his condition. To be honest we have seen far, far worse in our 4 nights in Ibiza. He told us about how his girlfriend back home is a methodist, (we all laughed a good bit when we told him we were methodists too!) and that they recently found out that she is pregnant. The day we were talking to him was the day he found out that his child and gf were both healthy and that the pregnancy was going well for both of them. We shared in his joy at becoming a father and starting his own family. He spoke about his beliefs a bit too which were tied up in the idea of fatherhood. His own father died when he was 4 and he has always believed that he is in heaven and watching over his life. When we arrived at his hotel he was crying with joy at the thought of his child, in his own words he was ‘totally made up’ with the idea of becoming a father. We offered to prayer with him and he readily accepted. We prayed for his new family, the health of his gf and unborn child and that he would be prepared for the responsibility of his new role as a dad. After that we shared a hug that lasted for a long time, so long that my tshirt was stained with his tears, a stain that I was very glad to have. We also left him with a copy of the message and a 24-7 card. Writing this story doesn’t do it justice at all, it was a conversation full of hope, joy and love. Being there was such a privilege as we shared in the worries and concerns of an amazing person, a man who was completely genuine and sincere, completely in love with his girlfriend and child. It’s my prayer that he would know something of God’s fatherhood and love.”

While Ian and Nicki were out on Thursday night, they bumped into 3 guys from London (names have been changed for privacy): Lee, Dave and Steve. While attempting to tell Lee about what we do as 24-7, he announced Steve had been a Christian and ushered him over to talk. Steve told them how he had been converted at 19 and followed Jesus for a number of years, believing he would eventually become an Evangelist and perhaps go somewhere like Ghana; that was until he joined the fire service. After an occasion of pulling a 20 year old guy burnt to death from a house, he began to question whether his God was really a God of love? He said he believed that the devil and sin in the world were to cause for bad things that happen but that he couldn’t get past the fact the God allowed it to happen, even if it was because we had free will. Since then, he had turned his back on his Christian life though he still very much believes in God and his creation. He thinks if you have ever fully known God, you can never fully renounce him.
A long, emotional conversation about God, his ways and plans followed and Ian shared with him a verse that had particularly helped him: Phil 1:6 “God who began the good work within you, will bring it into completion.” and that we believe this is the case for Steve. Steve thought it was no coincidence that he bumped into them, especially in Ibiza were you don’t expect to see anything of God. He was given a bible and said that a new seed had definitely been planted and he would be continuing the rest of his holiday with a lot of questions in his head and reading his new bible.
Big word this week… bringing back the prodigals

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  1. I recently wrote a song about the Prodigal Son. This is my testimony of God’s amazing grace in my life. If you have a sec here it is. Thanks for listening

    Comment by muzacmercer | August 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey John and Team,
    Just read your blog for the first time and yet again amazed at how God can use us. Keep serving and keep safe and continue to allow God to use you. Prayers


    Comment by Alan Macaulay | August 14, 2010 | Reply

  3. great work guys

    Comment by THM | August 14, 2010 | Reply

  4. Not only did Ian and i have such an amazing opportunity to speak with this guy on the street but we then met him on Sat night at a club while we were there. It was amazing to hear that not only had he been continuing to replay his conversation with us but that he also was at the club sober. he may not have turned back to God yet but God is definitely doing things in his life.

    Comment by Nicki Ferg | August 18, 2010 | Reply

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