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Still skiing… but doing some reading too!

Still in one piece, after four days on the slopes. Managed a blue run today with my instructor and a couple of others in our class. Really have enjoyed the whole experience… learning a skill, proving to yourself that it is possible to do something new and succeed.  I have to admit that prior to leaving and at the start of the week I was really was not that sure if this was a good idea… but it has been fabulous.

I have been reading Bill Hybels book ‘Axiom’ which is series of seventy six short chapters, each with a very specific point about leadership… they are ‘leadership proverbs’. Would definitely recommend this to anyone with any degree of leadership responsibility. Very readable and easily applicable. Similar to the skiing, taking on board and learning more about just some of the points Bill makes could make a tremendous difference to your leadership skills and more importantly make life easier for those that you are supposed to be leading.


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Why did I never try this before…?

This skiing lark is fantastic…. admittedly there are parts of my body that I didn’t realise I had, hurting… but such pain is worth it. While Joolsy went off and enjoyed the faster runs, I joined a beginners group in the ski nursery under the guidance of a quite excellent teacher, ‘Bobby’! By the end of the day I can ‘stop’ (no mean feat), parallel, snow-plough, turn, manage a green slope and even get off the button lift without falling over! The hotel is pretty comfortable and the food ok so far.

Only negative thing… smoking… all around you… you forget what it is like!

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Gone…. Skiing

I’ve lots of things I would like to blog on following my recent trip to London… but I’ve disappeared on another adventure to learn how to ski! Pray that nothing breaks, and by the way I’m with this guy!

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