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Helen’s Tower

Had a great 6km walk today and found 3 geocaches. Newtownards is famous for ‘Scrabo Tower’ which on a clear day can be seen from miles around. There is another similar tower close to Newtownards hidden away in a forest on a hill close to Conlig, between Newtownards and Bangor. The tower is visible from the road that runs from Newtownards to Crawfordsburn. Helen’s tower as it is known was completed in 1867 and was dedicated to Helen, Baroness Dufferin by her son Lord Dufferin. It was in the grounds of the estate in which the tower sits that troops from the 36th Ulster Division trained on the outbreak of WW1. A replica of Helen’s Tower was built on the Somme battlefield as Northern Ireland’s national war memorial. I have attached pic of both towers below, and of a frozen lake that I found on the way to the tower.

As for some reading, I am half way through ‘Strengthen yourself in the Lord’, by Bill Johnson. Intend to have it finished by the end of the week and hope to offer some thoughts to chew on!


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