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Back to Ibiza – Part 3 – Pacha

Last night we went to Pacha, one of the most famous and popular clubs in the world. It was a totally immense experience! Now there is no doubt there is a variety of opinions within the Christian family about whether or not you should go to clubs. My first experience of a big club in Ibiza was two years ago, see my previous post… here

My perspective on clubbing, pubs etc has come down to the issue of motivation. What is our motivation for going? If you go to a club and you are a follower of Jesus, your motivation has always got to be… Keep on following Jesus. You aren’t there to get wasted or to pick someone up, you are there to be a friend, to worship, to have fun, to serve, to show love.

There are a number of reasons the 24-7 teams go clubbing:
1. In trying to reach a culture, you have to understand it, and we want to understand and reach club culture.
2. We want to show you can go to a club and have a fun time without alcohol or drugs! You can chat to people, and even pray with them!
3. Ultimately, we want to acknowledge, that no matter what way it is twisted, music and dance was originally created by God. So our clubbing involves worship and prayer, not of the music or DJ, but God.

Pacha last night was fabulous…. Here’s some of the lyrics of one of the first tracks played:

“you’ve got to praise him till the blessings come down, praise him till the situation turns around, you’ve got to lift up your voice and say hallelujah anyway, hallelujah anyway…”


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