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24-7 Ibiza – Part 7 – Worship, Prayer and Mission

Two nights done this week and sadly only two more to go!! It has been much quieter this week than last, but that gives us more time to chat to people, ask for prayer requests and even get to pray with people on the streets. Many of the stories you hear re 24-7 Ibiza revolve around vomit… and there is plenty of that… but when the vomit van isn’t in action and we aren’t needing to wipe people up you get a much greater opportunity to chat.

We begin each night with worship and prayer as a whole team then we split in two with half going out and half staying back to continue the ministry in the prayer room, swapping after an hour. There is a really important rhythm to this… breathing in and breathing out. The ministry on the streets and the ministry in the prayer room is actually all worship, all prayer and all mission. The two are divinely interrelated.

I got a real reminder of this on Monday night as we began our singing, everyone together. It was phenomenal to just be there in a room, one person on guitar, as thirteen people sang their hearts out, cried out in prayer and read scripture. I just could’t get the day of Pentecost story from Acts 2 out of my head… the disciples of Jesus meeting together in worship and the spirit coming. It was however not just to make the disciples feel better,  or to give them a nice warm fuzzy feeling. The coming of the spirit and the giving of gifts was about God empowering people to be witnesses to those who didn’t yet know him. The people of many nations heard God being praised in their own language that day.

So too for us, not just in 24-7 Ibiza… but for all of us, in our churches and gatherings… when the spirit comes and empowers us… it’s not just for us… it is a demonstration of God’s grace that is to be a witness to the world. The worship that we sing, and pray and offer in our meetings is to be continued in our homes, workplaces, in our conversations, in our chance  encounters. Our whole lives are our ‘spiritual act of worship’. (Romans 12:1-3)


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